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[Release 1.4x] Canonical
Plugin Name: Canonical
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 1
Plugin Description: This plugin will allow your site to adhere to the new rel=canonical standard for better SEO by adding the tag to headerinclude. Currently working only for forumsdisplay.php and showthread.php. (read below for more details) <-- Download Link
[Some plugins at Mybb Central are for paid subscribers only]

More about CANONICAL
Recently Google, MSN, and Yahoo! search engines created a new method for indexing urls. You can read some of that info here:

Currently Mybb creates many duplicate URLs. Even under their SEF the issue exists:
Examples at

This plugin would instead rel=canonical into cleaner URLs:

As you can see from the above example link 2 and 3 are the exact same content but Mybb would have multiple URLs all displaying that content.

I have in the extras folder a screenshot showing a handful of URLs inside my Google Webmaster Tools section. Take a peek. You can see the duplicate URLs that Google views:

With this plugin search engines will be given the url correctly as showthread.php?tid=1047 as the main URL to index.

This will also work with pages as this:
will get indexed correctly as this:

I suggest you do read up on the above blog posts from the search engines to learn more about what this plugin is meant to do.


Thank you.

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Very good!Smile I'll be trying this laterBig Grin
Thanks Tom. It's very thoroughly tested. It should help a lot of sites with SEO that use Google Webmaster Tools and want to ensure that only 1 page gets indexed and that the search engines are not confused about which url to use.
Well I have an indexer that I made(very, very, very, get the point by now, right? basic) and it just searches my localhost folder for files, and indexes them when I view my site.(it stores them in the database) I was thinking of releasing it, but I know someone will rip it and say it's theirs. Anyways, I'll definitely be testing it to see if I any find any bugs.
Are you talking about a sitemap Tom? This isn't that. It's actually something that would compliment most existing sitemaps. I have a sitemap addon actually I am working on. The current ones are a bit overdone imho and I want a simpler solution that's effective. I don't believe a Sitemap needs settings or templates.
You forgot the .com in the demo link. But I think everyone knows how to get to MyBBCentral. Toungue
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lol...thanks Dalton.
Thank you for this one. Great work.
wonderful, exciting release, nicely done dude
Bril Plugin Smile. SEO yer
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