How to run SQL Queries using phpMyAdmin
There are quite a few question on the MyBB forums regarding how to properly run SQL queries with phpMyAdmin. Here is a small tutorial I put together that explains the easiest method.
1) Login to phpMyAdmin. If you do not know where or how to do this, please consult your host.

2) In some cases, you may have to choose which database your MyBB tables are located on. If this is the case, please choose using the dropdown box.

3) You should now be at a screen that looks similar to this:

4) To run a SQL query, click on "SQL" on the navigation bar.

5) Enter your SQL in the box provided.

6) Click "Go".

7) If all goes well, your SQL query will now be succesfully entered.

Great tutorial kodaks, I know several users here will find this very helpful. Nice work, rep. added and 5-star rating given. Thanks! Smile

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Your welcome! Smile

If you use Cpanel, you may have to follow the below steps to access phpMyAdmin:

1) Log into cpanel.

2) When you have successfully logged into the front end, you will have to find the icon that says "MySQL Databases".

3) Scroll all the way down the new page and click on "phpMyAdmin".

4) Follow the steps in the first post.
thx alot,

it really helped me alot.

well why do we get this error?
Thanks a bunch Kodaks.... your tutorial's is the best... great for newbie like me... Big Grin
nice tutorial man thanks
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Thanks for the tutorial.
It would be very useful to a lot of users...
please explain this i cont understand
((5) Enter your SQL in the box provided.)
casiocasio Wrote:please explain this i cont understand
((5) Enter your SQL in the box provided.)

this is an example:
- If you want to make all users from your forum to not show Redirect Messages

UPDATE mybb_users SET showredirect='no' WHERE showredirect='yes';
sir please kindly give me more detail i still cont undertsand please give me full detail with examples thanks

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