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Overview / Pro Stats
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(04-23-2009, 07:01 PM)kan3 Wrote: I'd love to see Labrocca's reviews on this plugin.

This is a very good plugin. I looked over the code and it's excellent. Realize that most of these stats plugins add a lot of extra queries to a page load. It can nearly double an existing amount of queries. I think standard index page is about 11 queries. And this plugin has 11 queries extra to add. It also has 22 templates to load. I think the only real change this plugin can have is to cache those templates (which is possible with a hook).

I am gonna test install this one but anyone that was looking for a review from me...this gets a real big thumbs up.
Thx for the review bro, was waiting for you to comment on the code.

I'll install this one.
Thank you for your good review. @};-
I'll fix queries problem in next version.
i installed this but nothin is showin .... can anyone tell wats the template edits...... ????
[Image: studentsfoxcom-AllForums.3.gif]

Edit "index" template...
Look for {$forums} and replace it by:



Now edit "portal" template...
Find {$header} and replace it by:


Also replace {$footer} by:

i have installed but stats is showing in the top...if i select in footer in settings..the stats not me plzzzzzzzzzz

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