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Overview / Pro Stats
I have the plugin overview which shows 5 latest posts, registered used etc. But i want it to look like a vbulletin one.


[Image: want-1.png]

The overview does this but not so that there are cells ontop of each other Sad
I know has one like this at the bottom of their mybb forum, but the language is different. I know its made by them because there is a note under the box. Iv managed to register an account and find a post with Pro Stats in it, but i cannot find a download link, im not sure if i need to make some posts or something?

If it is free does anyone know another place i can download it?
BUMP, Nearly 60 views but no replies Sad
Dear Brother, this plugin (which is Overview) has default options in it,
you can alter or change its settings after installing it , BUT you can never
add something more to it, such as other options available in vB Top 5 stats,
BUT perhaps it can be done by adding some more php codes inside the overview.php file
Consult some php Guru's
Iv tryed editing the sections of the overview that i want to use, trying different <tr> and <td> to make them look like the vb on i have posted above in the black theme, but it either breaks the page (nothing shows up) or nothing changes =[

I need to get the plugin from that site in the different language (but loads of translators cannot do that lang, and some sites you have to pay) Sad
Hi my dear friends,

I'm upgrading ProStats plugin to share it under GNU license.

Please be patient... Cool


Dear "ghazal", why you think this plugin is a modified version of "Overview" plugin? as i now, we never sold it to you! because your forum is in our black list. Wink
hello br can u give me the download link of Over View plugins?
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Now ProStats plugin is released and you can download it:

I'd love to see Labrocca's reviews on this plugin.
(04-23-2009, 05:09 PM)SaeedGh Wrote: Now ProStats plugin is released and you can download it:


Veryyyy nice, thanks soo much for this. I have removed copyright link from the plugin but i have placed it in my footer Big Grin
Thank you. @};-

I have some ideas to improve it. Smile

Next version will come with new features... Cool

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