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Ajax PM Notification
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2009-03-30, 12:55 AM)Tom Loveric Wrote: No offense, but if you release an un-advertising version, I'll be sure to use it. - Tom

Or if he/she allows us to simply link back to his/her MyBB member within the footer.

(2009-03-31, 12:46 PM)Mr-Cute Wrote: its possible to update ur plugin to work with IE6 ?
cz still lot of ppl use IE6

IE6 is shocking.. I don't know many people who use IE 6, even at school we're on IE 7 and that's saying something.

maybe I should start a thread for this discussion: "Backlinks in footer caused by plugins"...

Hm, nobody has to use this plugin if he/she doesn't want a backlink. That's quite simple I think? Or isn't it? Even so I inform to this fact in a hint before someone downlod a plugin.
It's more like people don't want to link to a pharmaceuticals board.
Okay, I start a new thread:

Please let us discuss about the backlink problem there. Here is the place to discuss about the Ajax PM Notification I think.

I continue my question why I have got two times the pharma link.
I could 100% be possible that some part of my forum is not 100% clear.
For example the portal page and the indexpage has got some scripts take from the web, also the banner on the top of the page is done with frontpage. I was glad I have it this way.
My forum works 100% also there are some errors in codes.
Yesterday I deleted the double body from index, so 2 errors less.

This pahrma link was added in the footer, so I went to footer template but it is not there.
So still the question why two times and where is the code.
I also use the renagade theme that also add a link in the footer but that is only one time and that I could find in the footer template.

As I wrote earlier it is not that problem to have a pharma link there, but two times is too much.
[Image: bannermybb.jpg]
My plugin do add only one link. There must be an error (template, other plugin?), because you have 2 footers.

I wrote you a pm...
Good, very good.

I was tried, thank you very much!
Sorry, because English not good
hey man
i was having a problem with this plugin , but when i change my hosting working GREAT now but with new Users

i mean , when any new user Register in my forum its working great

but old Users Pm Notice don't appear

how can i force all member View This Plugin

that sounds curious... Hm, the plugin should replace the default mybb pm alert and so the ajax message depents on the setting "Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message" in UserCP.

Please check, if old members have set this option. Maybe you can set this value for all members with a db query.
waw Big Grin working GREAT Big Grin Thx u
but i need tutorial how can i set this value by db query.

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