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Problem with encoding
I've problem with Polish signs encoding: ą,ś,ć etc.
My PunBB is 1.3.2 and MyBB 1.4
Tables: utf8_general_ci
Database: utf8_general_ci

Converting make polish letters replaced by '?'.
What should I do?

Screenshot, check it please:
It is really important for me to convert it properly.
I've found some UTF8 encode function inside of code, but I dont know what this exactly mean. I dont have enought time to eat every line of code.
Anyone did that for other languages with diactric signs?
Could you help me please?
I've converted PunBB 1.32 to MyBB 1.24 with using old converter 1.0 RC3. It has Polish signs, but thread IDs are converted badly.
When you click on topic from the main page you get riderected to another or not existing one.

So the newest beta Merge Tool works much better only need to have Polish signs repaired.

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