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TTW aka Tropical Tower Wars
Tropical Tower Wars is mini-game in Warcraft 3 Blizzard Entertaiment (it automaticly redirect to forums)
Forums are about map , download, discusion and support.
[Image: stefsigon4.jpg]
that is one ugly header
Hm.. Looks very, weirdConfused Not sure what else to say.
Well that header is the problem Smile
I will have to talk with a GF shes good at making logos and remaking images Smile
[Image: stefsigon4.jpg]
A burning logo and a green/blue skin just don't work.
good u
Not a big fan of the logo, did you make that on flamingtext? (minus the pun) sure you could make banners like that on that site. Change that and you have yourself a nice forum!
Yeah.. I just double-checked, and the logo kills itConfused
What do you think now with this new logo Smile
[Image: stefsigon4.jpg]
Many thanks to ur post. I love it.

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The link doesn't work Sad.

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