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[Tutorial] Translate Your Page
Hello all Smile
I hope that all of you are fine,
I wished to make tutorial to help people who want to make their
forum a Translated One,
So You came to right place Big Grin

Lets Begin !

Go to Admin CP > Themes and Templates > *Your Theme's Template* > Footer Template > footer > edit

and scroll down to the bottom and add this code
Quote:<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" class="tborder">
<tr><td class="thead"><strong>Translate This Page</strong></td></tr>
<tr><td class="trow1">
<!-- TrãnsLìngö 2.01 Begin -->
Translate: <a href="">Arabic</a> | <a href="">Chinese</a> | <a href="">Croatian</a> | <a href="">Czech</a> | <a href="">Danish</a> | <a href="">Dutch</a> | <a href="">European Spanish</a> | <a href="">French</a> | <a href="">German</a> | <a href="">Greek</a> | <a href="">Hungarian</a> | <a href="">Italian</a> | <a href="">Japanese</a> | <a href="">Korean</a> | <a href="">Latin American Spanish</a> | <a href="">Norwegian</a> | <a href="">Polish</a> | <a href="">Portuguese</a> | <a href="">Russian</a> | <a href="">Spanish</a> | <a href="">Swedish</a> | <a href="">Thai</a>
<!-- TrãnsLìngö 2.01 End -->

It will add a Translation Script to your Forum Footer...

But remeber that this makes a demo links of translation, you have to register at their website to activate the script... Smile

That's It

Hope you enjoy using it Smile

I'm terribly sorry for bringing to the top a very old thread, but I needed to ask how GOOD are these translations? I live in japan and have asked some japanese friends to look at my site, but it's only in english and they can't read it. Also, does this work for plugins, or just the main text on the page?
It ads the code in the footer, and footer is attached to all templates and pages, so this code works with all existing mybb pages

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