Which language file do I edit?
Which language file would I need to edit to change the text in the email that users get when someone replies to there post? Normally I would not ask but, there is no search function in the admin part. Way to many to go through. Its like this below:


xxxxxxx has just replied to a thread which you have subscribed
to at xxxxxxxxx Forums. This thread is titled Poems. Here is an excerpt of the message:

--... (visit the thread to read more..)-- To view the thread, you can go to the following


There may also be other replies to this thread but you will not receive anymore notifications until you visit the board again.

Thank you,
xxxxxxx Forums Staff
I dug through each language file and found it, I will post where if someone else needs to know this. Wink

You have to edit the messages.lang.php.

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