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Release MySig 1.1
Do you have proof of his approval? Like a p.m.

The only reason Im harping is because he gave me a free version of the sig and then a month later forgot and tried to get my site shut down before he remembered.
[Image: Chasingu.png]
hey JKD, no bs i know your phyruss, your not fooling me pal.
Coming soon..
Um... I did, and i deleted it. But what are you talking about
Nice. how'd you figure that out??? my email?
ya, your email when i don't know it, i saw you on mybb central, and i saw you posting under phyruss then when someone quoted you it said "JKD" your not fooling me so. your exposed.
Coming soon..
No, i was merged today. but my email is [email protected] not hard to find out.
Ya and your a plugin stealer, and you got banned already, right?
Coming soon..
Huh? I do not steal! Who said that? I have written 1 plugin, this one. and i did it myself.
No your phyruss, aint you?
Coming soon..
Yes! Not surprised are you? I want a new life! I am tired of being Phyrrus so I got a new identity and a new atitude while trying to follow the rules better! After last summer i always wanted not to me Phyrrus.
So, you still stole plugins, you stole dennisTT's default profile plugin, you got banned for a reason, go convince everyone you wont steal any plugins, im pretty sure alot of people don't trust you.
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