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Release MySig 1.1
no. I got banned for flaming. now please let me have a new life!
Oh wow. He obviously didn't give you permission if you got banned.
No you didn't, your lying and you know you stole plugins, face the fact.
Coming soon..
Ok. I stole 1 plugin! I can't delete it only DenisTT and the other admins can! Now pass it and leave me alone!
Ya, you stole way more, you don't belong here or MyBB central, you got banned from here and there, so there's no reason why you shouldn't again, everyone knows about you.
Coming soon..
I stole 1. Ok! now stop flaming me. Merge my acct im leaving anyway!
Waittt.. Who is this the same person as?
It's phyruss
Coming soon..
Ah. What is up with people stealing plugins? Seriously?? Gah.
And the proof that he is phyruss, go search phyruss and it takes you right to this thread.
Coming soon..

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