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Looking for a super mod.
Position Filled by JonP.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
I'm quite interested Wink
Super Mod Experience: Supper modded over 10 sites since December, when I first started moderating in forums.I know how to use the mod tools, mod cp, and all other things that are needed for moderation.
Admin Experience: I have been an admin at about 7 or 8 sites [2 appointed secondary admin; 4 sites now inactive for at least a month; the rest active sites].I am good at editing templates; making skins; familiarizing myself with newer ACP versions.I have a ton of experience.

I'll register now..
If no one else wants to show their interest then the position if yours.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
I wouldn't mind doing it, i own a forum and know alot about MyBB.
Coming soon..

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