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11 Failure tries to Get more users !!1
Hey there,

umm 2 months ago, i was so ambitious regarding a forum of mine!! and i made it!

I have now TECHEX - The Forum.

it has no single error, things are ok over there, nice plugins are installed, delicate customaztion were made.

But my only common problem, that happens with everyone is MORE USERS!

As i have now 28 member

11 of them have 0 posts

3 of them have 1 post

8 of them have between 2 > 4 posts

and the rest which are moderators and 2 of them are good members!!

So i tried what ever i can to get more user like :

1- I made Moderators Tryout.
2- I made a Logo Competition.
3-Added my site to more than 70 search engines including google, yahoo, msn, aol etc..
4- Search through the web for all availables forums and posted about the forums and its tryout.
5- Made my best to make links exchange.
6- Begged lots of my friends to register.
7- With the help of some good members we made great reviews, funny things, leisure things.
8- unlimited Gmail invitations.
9- Allowed other languages than english, so i can get Translators to translate and more members.
10- Added my site to Link Market and simillar things.
11 - lots and lots of things on the forum, that talks about IMs, downloading Windows Live Messenger 8, etc...

But all that didn't had to deal with making more users on the forum.

I dont know what to do, !! how can we make a forum POPULAR ?!!!

I'm sure lots of u are having the same issue!!

anyone would like to add something here??

reagardsBig GrinWink

Check out for resources and ideas. They're a must have for forum admins. They're vB biased there, though.

I've had problems getting members, but that's because we're a regional forum for a city of only 195,000 people.

1. I'd get a better logo. The one you have in your sig looks great. Why didn't you use that one?

2. I'd move "Announcements & News", "Updates, Changes", "Site & Forum", "Testing & Stuff" all to the bottom. (Never understood why people have "Testing" forums. I'd get rid of that.) Most common users don't care about that stuff, it's boring to them so move them down and leave the good retail space for the more active, fun stuff.

3. I really am having a hard time trying to decide what your forum is exactly about. There's so, so many general discussion forums out there. Is it about gaming? Is it about health & fitness? Is it about MSN messenger? Pick a topic and stick to it. Forums generally perform better when they're topic-specific.

These are just some starting points. I'd also shy away from the blue. Blue is soooo 1999. Big Grin - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
well i'm gonna discuss ur recommandations,

but i have a consurn about the topic of the forum !!
my problem actually is here!! i'm still trying, but there is no free topic yet Confused !! i dont know what exactly shoudl be !!

zaher1988 Wrote:well i'm gonna discuss ur recommandations,

but i have a consurn about the topic of the forum !!
my problem actually is here!! i'm still trying, but there is no free topic yet Confused !! i dont know what exactly shoudl be !!

I agree with Impaq, users that visit your forum need to know exactly what your forum is all about. I woud recommend writing a description towards the top of your page, which would contain a classy and "elegant" concise description of your site.

Also, every site needs things to make users come back. For instance, if you write unique free articles or tips every couple of days, users will be much more inclined to return. No one is going to use a site that does not offer something unique from other sites, its simply a fact.

A very important thing that your site also needs is Meta Tags. Quickly glancing over your source code, I was unable to find any.

For more information on Meta Tags, Link Developement, and Marketing Strategies you may want to check out these posts:
hey all,

umm regarding the logo., the logo i have one is the same since the 1st i have installed the forum, but actually now we have a cmpetition going on on the best logo you can make for techex.

2- the reason accouncment etc.. was on the top is just because most of the forums i see are like that, umm i dont know should i move it or notConfused!! hehe i think i may, but i have to consult my assistants , i agree with ur idea!! i think it's good but i like to consult alot Big Grin:$

well about unique articals , we actually we are making a good number of them, but actually we need more participation, so not only 2 person from the whole forum,. write them.

welll the metatags thing is that , i heard about them, but dont have a clear full idea in what are they !!
and by the way , thx for the links!!so much, i'm really excited to read them when i finish my exams in few days !!

thanks alot for ur help!! nice idea, nice remark, and sure i'm looking for moreBig Grin that will help me , and help other people reading this thread

Your welcome! And if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Smile

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