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[AJAX] ChangUonDyU - Advanced Statistics 1.0.1
here is a bug report and fixin:

Most Popular Forums section got a problem links doesnt contains any fid so url's are broken.

how to fix:

open changstats.php:

find this line (line 706)
 					$colum1 = "<a href='forumdisplay.php?fid=".$top[tid]."'>".$top[name]."</a>";

change it to:

 					$colum1 = "<a href='forumdisplay.php?fid=".$top[fid]."'>".$top[name]."</a>";

as you can see i didnt do so much think. just change tid to fid and it ll work.
Update with Google SEO plugin?
Persian Advanced Statistics (Optimized for the Persian language)

.zip   Persian - Advanced Statistics (Size: 172.81 KB / Downloads: 229)

Persian help:
راهنمای فارسی:
نصب: آپلود فایل ها و فعال سازی از کنترل پنل مدیریت و سپس تنظیمات از پیکربندی
برای نمایش نیاز به تغییر زیر است:
کنترل پنل مدیریت > قالب ها و پوسته ها > قالب ها > قالب مورد نظر
Index Page Templates > در index
پیدا کنید:
زیر آن اضافه کنید:
<br />

Persian Informaition for Advanced Statistics 1.0.1 Plugin in MybbIran Forum:

Its looks pretty cool <3.
Anyway to delete some columns how views and Replies?
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

Also, If 2 users post in the same threat, can appear the 2 post in last post and not only the last?
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

To delete column, you have to go to ACP => Templates & Style => Templates => Global Templates, and you need to delete the columns that you want in the changuondyu_latestpost and changuondyu_latestpost_bit templates

The second one I think it's impossible
[Image: statsig.php]
I'm getting a MyBB SQL error, someone knows a solution for that?
Any notice of updates or the Labrocca version? :$
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

Hey guys, does anyone know how I could shrink these oversized tabs to normal size? I haven't touched anything with the original files... :/


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