Discuss: MyBB 1.4.5 Released - Maintenance & Security Release
Update worked like a charm (as always). Thanks for the release Smile
Good job Smile
Just a few comments from a NOOB. I have only had a couple of weeks experience with MyBB. After much reading here, the initial install went off without a hitch. Smile When I saw there was an upgrade I had to read everything 3 times to realize I needed to download the "changed files zip" and upload a whole bunch of individual files to a bunch of directories ... without forgetting which ones I had done. I recalled that PHPBB had a process that would load those files with a single click. Ok, I backed up everything, used ACP to close the board and uploaded each changed file to the correct directory ... not too bad. Went to mydomain.org/myforum/install/upgrade.php and went through the steps there. I am happy to say it went ok. I didn't lose any plugins or style changes I had made. Big Grin I made another "after" backup of MySQL and noticed the text string name for the backup made through ACP is HUGE ( <snip> ) compaired to the length of the name of the "before" backup. Is that normal?
You can upload them in one click, upload the zip and extract it to your forum root, all the files go to where they need to be straight away.

As for the backup name, yes, that's new, it's more secure. I edited your post though, took out the name of the file that you had put in, you literally just gave someone the link to your database by doing that :x
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Great. Can't wait to try it. I won't upgrade right now, only when I have more things to upgrade or to announce (like new themes, plugins, plugins upgrades, etc). Thanks.
Seems to work great! I was a little worried overwriting all that stuff, that all my header changes, etc. would get over written, but I didn't have to change ANYTHING!! Very well done!!! Thanks!
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great work guys ....upgrading
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Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin
Great job. It works perfectly on my forums.

You mean it works perfectly, Wink
Coming soon..
Upgraded successfuly but i need to reinstall another theme after upgrading finished.

However its a good job from mybb team to solve some bugs issues.

Thanks and keep it up...

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