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Dream transfers

Suggest me what to install, and do to make my forum nice and good.

What theme do you suggest, my site is

What plugins should I install, and is Google SEO 1.0 good?

C ya.
Where's a link to your forum?
Yes, that's my question too.
Veetri Design & Development, or developer news at Changry
I didn't want to show it because it's default, and I want your opinion on theme so that's the reason I give you my site.

Also, is it possible to change menubar (login-register) - the way, design
Yes there is! There is a different one. Like the vBulletin login style. only it doesnt have the "Remeber me?" check near it. I ainty to sure exacly where the transformation PHP code is but I'll find it for you and get back with you, unless another guru will give you the PHP code for the login.
This is for showing off your MyBB forum, not your website.
If you're wanting comments on the site this isn't the place. As has been said, this is to show off your forum, not a site that has an empty MyBB forum installed somewhere on it.

I'll close this, PM me when the actual MyBB forums are ready to be showcased.
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