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Local Community Forum
Hello all...the forum on my site is actually pretty standard. This is my first mybb site, and I've customized the color on a couple of things etc...I'd really like to hear some feedback on how I can improve the overall look to it. Nothing overboard, it's a forum for the locals to discuss things. Thanks!
Just an FYI, you need to revert a load of templates to default because your forum is looking like it's running 1.2. Just in case you didn't realise...
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I didn't realize that it looked like 1.2, and I'm not 100% sure what you mean by revert them to default. Could you please elaborate, or give an example of a page that looks like 1.2? Thanks!
Well, the thing I noticed at first was the on/off/offlock legend at the bottom of the index is how it was in 1.2, and the login link in the welcomeblock loads in a new page, like in 1.2, not with AJAX as it does in 1.4. Just mentioning it because you may be missing out on features, and in some cases security fixes, if templates aren't right. If you want to revert them to default go to ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > **expand template set** > go through all the template sets and see if there are any with a green template name.
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
There are green ones, because I changed them. I guess that was prior to upgrading to 1.4 though. I guess I can revert them, then go in after that and make the changes again. Thanks Matt.
Ok, I believe that I've successfully reverted my templates to 1.4 versions. I then deactivated/reactivated all of my plugins...hopefully it all worked out like planned. On to my original question, how can I spice up the look some? Nothing over the top like a gaming forum or anything like that, just not so blah.

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