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Realistic Approach v 1.0 [Released 1.4.x]
(2009-04-30, 03:09 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: can someone mirror the screenshots?

(2009-04-29, 11:50 PM)combus Wrote: No offese but this is far one of the worst theme I've seen.

.thead looks horrible. The gradients and buttons are poor, way to small in width (the welcomeblock even crashs). Also the toplinks does not match the theme at all.

I'm tring to give a positive feedback, so you can improve. However if you don't want "bad comments", how could you expect to grow in your skills if we all lie to you by saying it's good?

Positive comments are always welcome, But for negative comments, they are too welcomed, Smile
Thanks any way for argueing it.

(2009-04-29, 09:05 PM)Dalton Wrote: Thanks Matt.
Honestly, the only good looking thing on this is the background.
The .tcat (I believe.. the one that's repeating..) looks horrible..

Its not .tcat its thead_bg that is repeating and yes it is somewhat looking not good but as far as name suggest that "Realistic Approach" it means somewhat more realistic though Smile

(2009-04-29, 01:27 PM)kraski Wrote: Sorry to say but those buttons are poorly made, you need to work more on it.

You need to learn from tutorials, there are thounsands of tutorials that can help you.

I considered your buttons to be paid as you declared that they aren't free...

Quote:This theme package is NOT free , so you have no rights to distribute or re distribute this theme.
The more license agreement can be found inside the ./License/ folder.

see that you have changed your reply after 4.30 hours... I have caught your reply in my previous post...

and Yes I said that It is NOT Free , BUT it is released for FREE because of asking and argeuing upon it... But inside the License folder: It is clearly said that "You have no rights to distribute it under any circumstances, and this only because of that it is NOT placed under GPL. You can use it FREE but not distribute it, "

Thankyou Guys for comments, Smile

those links don't work
(2009-04-30, 04:41 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: those links don't work
error 403 ...
(2009-04-30, 05:40 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: error 403 ...

Same here.

ghazal, Just upload the images here on mybb to this thread. Add as a attachment. Smile
These working Brad...
No, they are not. Have you clicked them?? They go to a 403 page.
MyReactions - All Plugins

Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
I saw this error, but when you click them again after seeing this 403 error , they will show the images
... no, still a 403 Wink
MyReactions - All Plugins

Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
I use this method,

Click ont he link > save it through Alt + D and then followed by CTRL + S to save the l;ink > * If you see the 403 error * > thenremove the link and CTRL + V the saved link to the address bar. It WILL show then Smile

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