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Snakes On A Forum
Well we are using MyBB for our Burmese Python Forums and I love it.
All the other Snake and Reptile forums out there are using Vbulliten and I just don't like it so I chose MyBB and have enjoyed it.
It is easy to use and that is a must since I am not great with all the tech stuff.
We have been using it since 11-03-2008.
Anyway the forum is viewable to guests so you don't have to register but feel free to check it out.
Burmese Python Forums
I love the name, but I think you could benefit from getting another theme.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
I have a bunch offered in the choose your theme in the UserCp but that is the theme I liked so I used it as the default.
I am always open to suggestions do you know of any that would do the forum Justice?
ehhh.... the theme is not that great. Also try to remove the ad banners at the bottom. Keep only 1. Smile
[Image: tf_468x60_v2.gif]

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