MyBB Website Relaunched!
Today, the MyBB Group announced the relaunch of the official MyBB website. The website has seen a complete redesign in both layout and content. The site was designed to be an informative resource for both new users of MyBB and returning users and includes several new pages including a new mailing list, a built in news system with archives, as well as other numerous content changes.

As previously mentioned, we've also included an official MyBB mailing list on the site to which users can subscribe to for updates to MyBB including new releases, code updates, and notification to security updates. We recommend that all users who are running a copy of MyBB subscribe to this mailing list to ensure they receive notification of vital updates.

The MyBB mailing list will co-exist with the MyBB Community Newsletter, provided by kodaks, which features updates to MyBB as well as announcements of new themes, plugins and code modifications. If you're into board customisation, we recommend subscribing to this mailing list too.

The MyBB news system is powered a MyBB plugin, developed exclusively for our use which allows us to manage the news on the MyBB site directly from the MyBB Community Forums as well as provides us with the ability to analyse download statistics for different downloads on the MyBB site.

We hope you enjoy the new MyBB site, and yes, things are still ticking behind here and we're actively working toward the release of 1.0 as well as several new parts of the site to compliment the release.

You can discuss this announcement here:

Thank you for your continued support,
MyBB Group

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