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Notify Moved Thread with Trashcan forum support
Hi all,
This plugin was created by flash.tato's "Notify Moved Thread".
As I have a Trashcan forum that I don't want my users to get a link to it, I edited the original plugin and added the next options:
1. Specify the Trashcan forum [fid] (this can be any hidden forum, for that matter - in my case its the Trashcan forum)
2. Decide if you want to:
a. Not send a message to the user when a thread is moved to the Trashcan forum
b. Send the same message to all thread moves (even to the Trashcan forum)
c. Send a different message if a thread is moved in to the Trashcan forum or to any other forum
3. A separate subject and a message text areas to write the different message (if you've selected option 'c')
this works because MyBB treats deleting a thread (at least if you do have a Trashcan forum) as move).

No need for language files as you enter your message inside the plugin's settings.
* Please note that the file includes ONLY the changed/edited php file.
* @flash.tato's license still applies.


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glad to see this thread (accidently) Smile
Updating information

Quote:Nice mods.
Work perfectly, except for merge_topic, split_post, delete_poll and merge_post doesn't tell user by PM (1.4.6)

But so far, this is the best mod which have "human manner" Smile
And for additional info, this thread will work with Trash Can support



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