A few of things I need help with..
Hello Guys,

I need a little help with a few things..

I am still using 1.2.13

1. I integrated MyBB into my site, its using the whole user/login system. Though when you go to the 'who's online' page, it always shows that they are on the Forum's main page, unless they're actually browsing through the forum. How do I identify my own pages with their titles?

2. I wanted to show a small announcement on top of the forum for those users who haven't made any posts. How would I go about doing that.. I did try searching the forum couldn't find anything except something for blocking a user from viewing a forum before a certain amount of posts. Although thats quite useful, it wont come in handy in my case.

3. How do I reset all the permissions for all forums to the default?

I'd appreciate any help I could get.


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