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general computer forum
A forum for just about anything about computers <snip>
Site sucks and is illegal.
Thanks for your well thought out opinions JKD, I'm sure they were really appreciated.

It's got a nice theme, but no content. POST POST POST
good u
Theme is excellent though fix up the header. You also have to many categories for a new website, i would strip it down to the core until you grow to the size where each is going to get used. For instance combine all the programming forums into one for now.

I also think you should get rid of the hacking and downloads sections or at least combine them into one forum which you have to be a member with a few posts to view.

Also i think you need a tutorials section to give it some content and make people want to join. Currently i don't see any reason to join your forum over any other computer support forum.
looks great, theme greatly influnced
Love the theme, the name is funny, but I like it Toungue
Whatever. Nobody ever joins my forums.
(2009-05-09, 12:32 AM)JKD Wrote: Site sucks and is illegal.
And what is illegal about it? o_o

(2009-05-10, 01:43 PM)JKD Wrote: Whatever. Nobody ever joins my forums.

Stop complaining in somebody else's showcase thread?

Nice site. Theme is great, header is "meh", good luck
Illegal Downloads section on your site. This is NOT allowed on this forum.

Thread Closed, link removed.

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