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Hi All,

I don't even remember how I found myBB but Im sure glad I did. Its amazing how this has maybe 3 times the features of phpBB out of the box and yet hardly anyone knows it. We should definetly work on our viral advertising (i.e. spreading the word).

I'd just like to take this time to thank all of the people who were involved in this amazing FREE software. You're an inspiration.

Now back to my shameless promotion. is a forum mainly for magicians who want to share thier talents, talk about magic and just hangout.

Ive used the Xclusive theme as a basis while changing a variety of things. No posts/users as of yet as Ive only opened the site about 3 hours ago. Maybe one of you can be the lucky #1?

Any feedback on the design is appreciated.

hyperActive Wrote:We should definetly work on our viral advertising (i.e. spreading the word).
yeah we should make like an spread the word site for mybb.

yay 100 post.Toungue
[Image: logo.png]
Very nice design. Just note that the top and bottom borders do not look pretty well placed on the design.

i like it in general, the icons are cool !!

umm but there are 2 problems, if u look at the bottom, the bar which is down, has white edges while the back is gray,

same thing for the top, need little fix than the bottom, as the left and right borders aren't ended at the top.

and it seems u have a problem with the calende.php it's not loading for me


Thanks for the input and the kind comments. Im working on the borders and footer as we speak.
is it just me or did everything go poof?!


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