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OAddicts is a forum about gaming. You may think "oh another gaming forum" but we aim to be different.

Currently, we have an arcade set up which allows users to play games and try and be the champion of the game. We currently have 15+ games added, with more to be added in the future.

Other updates we have done is that we have added a market, were anyone can trade anything gaming related, whether it is accounts or even guides. We have a currency (thanks to the MYPS plug in) which can be used in trades. At the moment, I sell guides for our currency called OPoints (which can be gained by posting and creating threads).

We hope you can join us Smile

New theme.
Guides being sold for MYPS (Runescape mostly).
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Oh wow, I never knew people still used the Dark Ambitions theme, it sure does need updating.
Anyway it's looking good, you have a few active members, good luck with the forum.
Personally I like it Smile

The other theme that I have, which many like is the Fresh Blue/Red. Too wide imo, and too bright.

We have around 10 active members, and hoping to get more Big Grin
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Well I'll get down to updating it, I can make it a lot better, this was like the first theme I had ever created.
PM me when you do update it Wink

Going to add more games in the arcade.

Free guides are given out (Runescape ones) to those who post.
i think its boring topic
That is your view, however if your a part of the community and enjoy gaming, it is not boring Wink
member.php is blank during registration =/
.ninja {
   color: black;
   visibility: hidden;
   animation-duration: 0.00001s;
Odd, will try and get it sorted.

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