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MyBBoard.Biz <--- Exclusive Themes and Plugins Community
(2009-05-27, 09:32 AM)_Tim Wrote:
(2009-05-27, 12:22 AM)Ryan Loos Wrote: Please do not reply to this post.
You are just digging a hole Combo. Sorry.
I simply meant do not reply to the post where I said everyone needs to be civil.
Often people feel the need to apologise and say "it wasn't my fault", etc. there is no need for that. Just carry on with the thread. Smile

Again, don't reply to my post. Wink
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I have private messaged ghazal and apologised if I offended her in anyway way within this thread. I want to get along with everyone on this forum, I don't know what happened between us both, I think I got annoyed and ghazal reacted and it went from there.

However my feedback is within this thread which is what this thread is for and therefore I will not be replying and ruining this thread with useless junk any longer unless it is related to the website showcased. Smile
Not to be mean or anything, but your themes would need work before putting them for paid subscription and all.

Your site is wayyyyyyy too narrow, I suggest using percent instead of pixels?
But yeah, vB icons?
Wouldn't this cause a problem?

In my opinion, you should work more graphic wise so you can develop your own images/icons so you don't have to be ripping them.

I know I am not the best theme maker, but this is little advice I can give. Read tutorials on making graphics.

The theme you have on your site it's the best I've seen from you.

Look familular? It's a paid skin so there not free buttons, Just because you see other dodgy sites using them doesn't give you the right.

By the way where are they free to download?
[Image: 23msdba.png]
(2009-05-27, 09:06 AM)Combo Wrote: There was another issue about a guy who has just popped up and said about the buttons that I apparenty stolen. The psd files where released on a graphic forum a while back, that's why I said I will wait for the guy to contact me because as far as I'm aware, there is no license for these buttons and other forums also use those buttons.

If you've ever actually purchased a theme from a vendor like vB Styles or Extreme Pixels, then you would know that with each of their themes actually do contain a license. This license also happens to outline that any unauthorised redistribution of any of the files isn't permissible.

As for the forum ghazal, probably best to change the forum to liquid instead of fixed as FullMetalBabe said. Smile Good luck with your forum.
[Image: aso_banner.png]
#36 much negativity all over 1 site

anyway my 2c goes here ....
  • i have a widescreen so i can't comment on the width of the site --> x
  • the website homepage imho looks a little DARK try using soft colors like blue white so many shades to choose from -- dark pages are usually themed to gaming sites
  • can't comment on your themes coz i can't download them -->x
  • can't comment on your plugins coz i can't download them --->x

so lets go over some other stuff

if MyBB Central was to open a "post 20 quality posts" to download system ...there would be a mad rush to his site ...because i believe when he first started it was a free service -- 2posts to download i believe...
people grew to like his stuff therefore no one minds paying the $5 to download (unless they can't due to paypal or ccard) i also think (not sure) that many people took this 100 post on offer
because people like his themes and plugins...they know that they get quality....if a new member comes to the site all he has to do is spend a few minutes there..they get all the access to see his site/themes/plugins...everything except download.the only glitch might be is they can't see screenshots that are attached but the support is topnotch -- its a b*@ch trying to make another site like that with him running it so good.

Now for a new theme/plugin designer to do this would be very unwise because now there are many places to get free plugins and themes and when people go to your site to see what many people are after

vb type them e they get no permission error

what do you get by letting users not SEE the theme that YOU WANT THEM TO POST TO DOWNLOAD
if they are anything like me and most people are -- they wanna see what they are working (read posting/paying) for .
and when they can't they most probably leave.

anyway good luck with your site ...being where you are right now ( a new plugin/theme developer) i wish you all the luck and hope you take some of what i said to effect
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin
Hello all MyBB Users,
MyBBoard.Biz Theme has been edit today,

Hope you like this edition Smile

Hello MyBB Users

I have just started WebMaster's Tools on my website,


These Tools are taken and downloaded with the authorized permission of

You can use it from my forum

It looks very poorly put together =/
.ninja {
   color: black;
   visibility: hidden;
   animation-duration: 0.00001s;
Too many adverts..

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