My Plugin won't show up
I've written a nice little plugin, it works, and all is well. But, when I wrote the actual plugin file for it, it won't show up in the AdminCP to activate it.

The highlights of my file


	die("Direct initialization of this file is not allowed.<br /><br />Please make sure IN_MYBB is defined.");

function ryanocontact_info()
	return array(
		'name'				=> 'Contact Us Page',
		'description'		=> 'Allows visitors to contact you without giving out your email address',
		'website'			=> '',
		'author'			=> 'MHryano',
		'authorsite'		=> '',
		'version'			=> '1.0',
		'guid'				=> '',
		'compatibility' 	=> '14*',

function ryanocontact_activate()
<stuff here>

function ryanocontact_deactivate()
	global $db;

	$db->delete_query("templates", "title IN('contactus', 'contactus_sent')");

	require MYBB_ROOT.'inc/adminfunctions_templates.php';

function ryanocontact()


I'm totally baffled, as I followed the structure of the previous plugin I have written and that one shows up.
nvm, I'd got .pph instead of .php on my plugin file. *bangs head on desk*
w00t! It works - now to try and make sense of language files and how they work then I can finish up for using live and putting it on the 'to be released' pile

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