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[Release 1.4.x] My_vBulletin_Style v 1.0
Name: My vB Style
Author: ghazal
Author's Website:
Version Compatibility: 1.4.x
Files to Edit: None

Installation Instructions:
Please read inside the Guide_LIne.htm file

Screen Shots:

Index Page:
[Image: 00a17e07e65500499c55892390090e83.png]

Forum Display Page:
[Image: 3428a0f1be752bed6e1f5342d5d3cc08.png]

Show Thread Page:
[Image: 4004f8d2122d775179d8764b97ed84c2.png]

License Agreement:
The license agreement can be found inside the ./License/ folder.

Download Link:
============= <=== Don't be afraid Guys, Its FREE Smile

Thank You
Perhaps the ugliest MyBB theme yet. And that's including Dalton's "April Fool's" theme which was intentionally hideous.
:-\ ... Don't like that ??
You know vB doesn't look that good. Confused vB is actually designed ugly, in my opinion anyways.

Btw, you should really learn how to make better buttons and such....
Buttons are good BTW
Buttons look OK... How long do you take on making these themes??
vB Themes, that one released before naming "My VB Fantastic took ~ 2 days to code"
This theme is changing some temlplates and some Fixes from the previous one and changing the buttons and Images alltogether... and took more time from the later...
You use photoshop? I think you should take a bit and work on making images. Huh
Actually I am the only coder at MyBBoard.Biz
I have to develop Plugins
I have to develop Themes
I have to develop MyCodes,
Then manages the site
Treating with spammers,

Lots of Burden upon a innocent lady ... Smile
So for that reason you make crappy images?? You know other people do the same thing and take their time working. Confused I know I wouldn't release a theme if it looks like that. Looks poorly made.

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