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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
All you need now is a domain and your on your way.
Nice work with the design. Good luck and probably releasing more themes would help.
It's hard to develop good themes in like 2 weeks, so don't expect tons of poor quality themes.
good u
Err.. down for everyone?
Or is it just meh?
[Image: logo.png]
I've just accepted a hosting offer from someone and will be moving the website over shortly (hopefully), so it will most likely be a lot smoother experience once the move is complete Smile
good u
that´s an outstanding theme Smile
that wordpress-like top menu is awesome, congrats

PS: but you forgot to edit "buddy_away.gif" image Angel
Oh, lol. I'll update that when I get a chance!

Thanks for the feedback everyone Wink
good u
Still moving the website?, becouse the site is down for me...
taddy1449: The site will be up soon. Some DNS problems right now with the entire system of sites :/. Someone really needs to reinvent the DNS.

And, I little tip for anyone looking for a domain: DON'T USE 1AND1! The domain service has been driving me nuts lately.
Scoutie or I will post back when we sort out all the problems. Sorry about the downtime.
It looks like we're back up ATM, but until it's confirmed I won't say it's 100%.
good u

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