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[Release] FaceBBook
A forum version of the popular social network site FaceBook.

File Details
Description: Simple MyBB layout with the feel and look of Facebook.
Color Scheme: light purple, green , white
Live Demo:
Latest Version: 1.3
Built For: MyBB 1.4.6

Do not redistribute this with out my permission. Do not remove the copyright. Please keep the copyright as it is

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the theme zip file
2. Upload the included image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3. Import the theme's xml file into your Admin CP > Themes > Import

Thanks, hope you enjoy this theme.

Note: None of the image's to this theme are copyrighted all images were released Free to the public from here.

Button's were custom made bymyself so no copyrighting issues on this theme.

Updated it so now passes both W3C validators.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
the theme looks incredible men!!!

excelent work!!!
great theme Smile

[Image: 14613em4.gif]
If you edit some of its panel then it would become a really nice vB theme Smile
Great job overall
I don't want it too look like vB It's too overrated..thanks.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
Fantastic job! One of the best themes I've seen in the past couple of months! Very clean and organized.
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(06-06-2009, 09:19 AM)ghazal Wrote: If you edit some of its panel then it would become a really nice vB theme Smile
Great job overall

No, why do we want it to look like vb when this software is MyBB. I don't understand people like you.

Good work, clean and organised.
Wow, simply awesome! Great job Smile
good u
amazing theme, Lunty
cool Smile

corection made on Navigation Templates - nav
<img src="images/FaceBBook/nav1.png" alt"">
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile

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