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[RELEASE] Steven's Direct Plugin Manager v1.4
(2009-06-11, 08:35 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: This is a nice plugin but what if the plugins uses more than one file? Like a sub folder under the plugins one, which has around 3 files (let's imagine). Does it delete them too?

The new v2 line (still in development) allows mod authors to add a special function to their plugins so the extra files are deleted too. Currently the v1 line does not do this.
[Image: 422.png]
So you mean you are adding hooks to your own plugin codes,
That's really good work for authors,

One more suggestion I have thinked, that when we will be deleting the plugins from the dropdown menu, could it be possible to add a mark selected more then one plugin file, so that we delete the 2 or more then 2 files at once rather to delete one by one ?

I think you got it Smile
Nice plugin for newbies but i preffer to do the things manually Smile
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