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MyBBoard.Biz Selling...! Is any body interested in it...?
(06-12-2009, 10:33 AM)_Tim Wrote: I am just saying that MyBB may own the trade mark on MyBBoard and there can sometimes be legal complications with owning a domain name which contains a registered domain name. It is to stop people buying say or something and trying to sell cola on it for instance.

Its not the issue I think...
MyBB own several domain itself.
and I think .info is also bought by them
The only domain left was .biz which I got... I have its rights, I have its all domain+hosting expenditures... and all the related documents regarding and necessary for the proof...
If you are interested you can read further into it here:
There's no trademark so it's OK.
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Ok cool.
I just bought, looking forward to take it over to my own host at sunday.

Thank you ghazal!
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(06-12-2009, 01:58 PM)LS 134 Wrote: I just bought, looking forward to take it over to my own host at sunday.

Thank you ghazal!

Thanks Buyer [Image: fd944578cb4d52a905d6016cffd04932.gif]

I will do necessary requirements from the bank, Until then, I will transfer all the dully signed documents to you at your email address...

Hope you will enjoy and take care of my website and propagate it in exact the same fasion ...

May God prosper you and your community by leaps and bounds...

I will also give you the written letter permission dully signed by me, ensuring to every body that its not the fake bid...
[Image: e763861904e3a1f29a6db743c3503488.gif]

Best and Ultimate Regards to LS 134
Edit: Moreover, Please moderators, don't lock this thread until I annouce the completion of this selling procedure...
Oh wow.

I knew ghazal wouldn't leave, she just wanted to ragequit for attention.
I'm closing this before people start saying bad things. Ghazal, if you need this opened, PM me.
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