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[release] bluetfeacp
bluetfeacp acp theme. Stripes made by stripe generator. The rest based off bluetfe theme I made for 1.4.2. Enjoy.

Just goto admin/styles/ and make a new folder called bluetfeacp . The same name as the zip file.

Copy all the contents of the zip file in there except the screen shot titled dashboard if you want.

Then in acp under preferences select bluetfeacp and save it. Enjoy.
Hey why are my attachments not showing up?
Did you insert it into the post? Plus some preview's would be good so people know what there downloading.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
Yes I did insert it. If I edit the post they are still there. The just don't show in the post.
I can't see the attachment or link ??
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Huh? Where is the attachments, downloads, screenshots, lol?
If I click edit they show. Not sure what happened they just disappeared.
It won't even let me delete the old attachments and upload new ones.
You might've reached your max attachment usage. Can you upload them to ImageShack or Tinypic?
No I'm only using about half but I'll figure something else out and reply here when I have a solution.
Ok, I've add a screenshot so everyone can see.

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