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Aaron Clifford

is my beta/showcase forum for the plugins and themes that i am currently working on; Such as the image gallery and IP Based Flag WOL list. Feel free to sign up and recieve email's with first access to beta testing all of my releases.

I like the header. But apart from that, it's almost the same as MyBB's default (excluding graphics and colours). And as I suggested on your board, make a unique sidebar.
I wanted to stay close to the myBB design as i am a fan of it! Smile. What sort of additions to the sidebar then?
like the idea of the forum. everything organized.. good work.
Evidence - Cats&Dogs...
wait will be over soon
Actually, I really love that theme Toungue
[Image: prowlersig.png]
Leave? I didn't leave...I just started lurking!
I seem to have some sort of login problem. When I login to your forums I see a page w/ "An unknown error has occurred."
I also logged in several forums to be sure it wasn't my problem, and yeah it's not my problem. I thought of that because I just switched to WinXP.
Very nice job in turning mybb into a CMS looking script Big Grin. I think you should put the text back in the header links though. I don't know why but it annoys me not knowing what I'm clicking for sure(wasn't a problem just annoys me personally). Also what's the floppy disk do? It's not linked to anything yet it seems.
Ok I can now login sucessfully but when we login we are redirected to portal.php which doesn't exist.
Ah, There does seem to be some login problems. Will look at that this evening, thanks for the comments Smile
I still have many features to add to the forums, currently working on a download database script that will probably end up getting released!
Oh, and gallery beta release also coming today or tomorrow so sign up there if you are interested in testing. Have several testers so far but the more the better!

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