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MyMech Released
Theme Name: MyMech
MyBB Version: 1.4.x (Designed on 1.4.6)
Author: Scoutie44
Details: A professional MyBB skin with rounded accents all over the place. Theme comes with no CopyRight, so long as the license is honored.
License: No redistribution is allowed. Here's the deal: as long as no one redistributes this theme, CopyRight will not be added! You may edit the theme to your likings, but under no circumstances may release a modified version of the theme, with or without credits. I am not responsible for any damage done to your forums by misuse of this theme.

[Image: th_mymech_index.png] [Image: th_mymech_thread.png]

good u
Very nice license for a very nice theme.
Keep it up!
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS
Not bad. Good start.
Looks really good, thanks. Smile
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

You are on a roll dude. Nice work once again!! Smile
A hacking threat with a theme, grow up.
EDIT: What's the hacking threat? Lol.
good u
I like it. Nice job with the buttons.
Thanks everyone. I'll provide an update for the few template changes in 1.4.8, along with MyIPB at the same time.
good u
This is awesome, and I'm using it.

It would be nice to have a green version

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