board down...after upgrade cannot access upgrade!

mySQL error: 1146
Table 'sebarcom_rcthq.users' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT uid, password, usergroup FROM users WHERE uid='' AND password=''

Was working flawlessly before I proceeded to do the 1.0 upgrade. Than when I went to do the upgrade gets this.
Did your forum have a table prefix? Can you check in your phpMyAdmin that you have the correct tables in your sebarcom_rcthq database?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
seems like it will do a normal installation ok, just that the upgrade.php has the issues.

The forums were flawless before this and no probs.

checked the tables thru myphpadmin and the users table is there with all of the data.

Just that the upgrade.php won't work.

Restored them to the way they were. Seem to be back to normal so I'll wait and see. Looks like maybe there is a problem with the upgrade.php

Not sure what it is...

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