Code, Php code, http url - reply to see
Hello, is there a mod that requires members to reply to see code, php code, and http url?

I have tried the hide hack mod and it failed. It requires the functions.php to be modified and after modification it crashes my board.

Anyone know of any mod that hides code, php code and http url and keeps it hidden even when users try to quote the codes/links until the member replies to topic to see code/php code/ and links.
The only close resemble to that request I found THIS PLUGIN

In this plugin all those links, text, codes, php etc will be hiden from guests eyes.
I've checked out this plugin but it only hides to specific groups. I'm looking for one that hides the codes/php codes/links until members have replied.
Maybe Labrocca at mybbcentral has something?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
couldn't find it Sad, anyone available to make this?

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