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[Download] MyBB Statistics Signature
So, um, I was tired of not knowing how to get a statistics signature for my website, so I finally decided to look for how to do it, and I did. Thanks to I can finally do it, and I don't want everyone else to be in the dark as well, so here is a free download on how to do it, not really a tutorial, but I didn't know where else to put this. :/

Just so people know, it's to make a signature like the one I have.

Also, statsig2 has the information reversed, as in, it has the link at the top of the sig and the information at the bottom.

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More a plugin that a tutorial really, moved to releases Smile

One thing I will say though is this... instead of doing:

//This Calculates Your Total Posts
$total_posts_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts");
$total_posts = mysql_num_rows($total_posts_query);

//This Calculates Your Total Members
$total_members_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."users");
$total_members = mysql_num_rows($total_members_query);

//This Calculates Your Total Threads
$total_threads_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads");
$total_threads = mysql_num_rows($total_threads_query);

Maybe do:

//This Calculates Your Total Posts
$total_posts = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts");

//This Calculates Your Total Members
$total_members = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."users");

//This Calculates Your Total Threads
$total_threads = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads");

Otherwise you'll have a huge array of all of the posts, users and threads, this should be much faster.
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K, thanks, I'm not that great at PHP, just looked it up to make this, so yeah, I'll change the download real quick. Wink

I also gave you credit for the help in the file.
Nice work in progress, may I suggest that the forum name be on the first line and the stats on the 2nd?
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Alright, well, I'll make that an alternate download, however, it's pretty easy to do yourself. xD
How many queries makes this plugin?, how this plugin works?, well, when it makes the thread count?.

I think this plugin is good, but maybe server intensive. ¿?
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Looks to me as if you'd have 3 huge queries every time the image is displayed - that will stress the server...

I think Labrocca's way to use the cache is much better...
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Like I said, I'm not that great with PHP, I just read up to make this. :/

what's the licence of this file? Maybe we can work together to perfect it. If it's a free licence (for example GPLv3?) I would contribute some caching possibilities. Wink
I haven't went into License specifics yet, however, I don't want a link to the Pharmaboards in it. Toungue

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