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Post 2 Host cPanel Hosting (MyFireHost)
(2009-07-18, 03:55 PM)Zash Wrote: How do you plan on funding this? You're saying I can use up as many resources I want with just 40 posts?

Well as much bandwidth as you would like, yes, but if you start using more than 20% of server resources we will ask you to cut back.

(2009-07-20, 12:57 AM)alex clone Wrote: Your site loads slow so I ian't going to bother with trialing you Smile

We have fixed that, if you try now you should have quite fast loading speeds.

(2009-07-20, 02:05 AM)KuJoe Wrote: Your registration form = broken. When I enter in my date of birth for the COPPA it brings me to the Registration Agreement page but when I click I Agree it brings me back to the COPPA check.

This has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
i like this host.. its fast Smile

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