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Great forum, joined
Thanks! We're planning on releasing an exclusive skin for premium members who've upgraded before August 30th.
It kinda startled me when I saw my theme in the portfolio section :p but then I remembered "Oh yeah!" LOL

I really like the portal... :| I want it!
Lol, thanks, it's ok for a little advertising right? Anyhow, the portal actually isn't being used Toungue
That's a custom page, but I put some of the portal in there.
good job keep up the work.
Thank you! We'll be releasing a PlayStation skin soon.
Nooo I was going to start a skin like that o.O
Mine will be better! Toungue

Nice site and everything, very unique Wink
good u
Lol, thanks, I love your skins as well.
We've currently already completed 6~ requests under's name.
I can never make skins crazy fast, I take my time. xD

Cool site nonetheless.
Lol, thanks, and despite finishing our skins within three days, the first day is a PSD planning, the second is to code it (which I do in about 3-5 hours), the third is to fix up all the compatibility issues Wink

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