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Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List
Ok guys!! now Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel is working again!!and tested for 10 times. there is something you should take note of , is that <a href="javascript:expandCollapse should not have space between java and script, but as when we put it between the code format i dont know why it happen and a space between accurs, so make sure to remove that space.


k776 has a mod called Welcome Panel, so you might want to change Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel to Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Block
Ok guys!! hey

I have converted the Advanced Navigation Bar Into a Plug-in.
And i have added a new Plug-in call Easy Adv. Banner.
Collapssing / Expanding Welcome Panel will be released soon as plug-in.

To Check them, point to the 1st post.

Btw magoonz k776's plugin called welcome panel [index] / [global] mine is called Collapsing/Expanding Welcome Panel , and welcome panel actually name of that thing actually.(it also can be called welcome block).
Ok guys i have added one more code modification called

Advanced User CP Home

check it out in the 1st post

you copyed 2 of my mods Sad
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
hey nitemare, umm sorry

but more than one person has an avatar caption each on his own way.
and the Ad thingy is also working different than your,

actually i have seen your mods before i made mine!! but i found that each has it's unique way of functining !! for example your Ad manager works with sql whereas mine is just 1 php file. and the avatar caption is installed different way than mine .

sorry again for the same name!! but i think urs may fit some user and mine othersSmile

deal :Big Grin

I have published today a mod called Enhaced Index Stats, check it up (dont worry it's not as the one smethead hasWink Smile

Thanks. this mods is vey good!
I have a question concerning the Fastest Avatar Caption mod. How the heck does that work? I tried following the instructions and I'm totally lost. >_<
[Image: siggy1eh.png]
ow hey !!

sorry for the late reply , i was away in vacation

umm u only need to add a custom profile field called Caption that's it Smile


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