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Zaher1988's Plugins / Mods List
Zaher have you started working on Enhanced Index Stats mod to have more details? Remeber we were talking about it when you left for vacations? Smile
I may be wrong, but that\'s how I learn :~)
Yes sorry i have just started today, as i was busy after the vacation finalizing my translation Smile

heloo there,

i have an update consurning the caption mod.

it seems with the version 1.0 the version isn't anymore the fastest however u will have to add one more step.

read the 1st post for more detail.


i have added a very little mod called On mouse over Table Row effect under look & feel

zaher1988 Wrote:In case you have no image in your table row 1 or 2, and you dont like that mono color there, you may use this mod, to make a new color on mouseover, so when u hover that row, it will change its color.

refere to the 1st post for more info

Fastest Avatar Caption is my idea when mybb first come out.

I always make custom title for my users Smile

I have made a new mod, called Extra Statistics

check it the 1st post, or here

hope u like it

heloo there

i have released a new mod called Contact +

many regards
Heloo there

i'll be releasing the Permissions box in the next couple days.

|     | Demo |

Many Regards

Alright it's released check it here, hope you like it.

i will be releasing , location in profile , by next week

umm hey guys !! as i promised permission box is now available as a plugin! so in case u were using it, make sure to revert all customzation back, before running the plugin!.
when i say revert them all Smile i mean the templates, and the php files.

u may find it now here, and as soon it's approved on mybb mods site, it will be available there Smile

Smile now let me give u a little hint about , user activity in profile, i have finished all the major codes!! it's like 90% , Smile so it will be released, in the next couple days Smile

many regards!!
see ya

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