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Ways of depositing money in a PayPal account
I can't really deposit money with a credit card, because I don't have one. Are there easier ways of depositing money? I mean, not easier.. as via credit card should be easier, but I mean something I can do. Like no credit card or whatever.

Today I was just browsing for whatever reason and saw this: I was like excited because I could deposit money to my account. Then I saw this: and realized it didn't include Portugal. And then again, 10mins ago I noticed that "service kind of thing" didn't deposit money, but send money to someone else via text or a call, doesn't matter.

So I was wondering if I can easily deposit money to a PayPal account with my cellphone or something else, but as long as I can do it. Not directly in PayPal, but like a service that deposits money for me.. like I send money to that "service", and that service deposits the money I sent.

Doesn't really matter, I was hoping there's something easy I can do. If not, I'll have to ask a friend of mine to deposit my money to my PayPal account with HIS credit card. But yeah, something I could do on my own would be very nice.

Can't you just hook your chequing account up to it?
I'm sorry, what do you mean? (portuguese little dude here ^^')
Brad is right they will take bank accounts too Toungue.

And, well if you don't have a credit card or bank account your most likely shouldn't have a paypal account as you can't do anything with it Toungue.
Oh I see what you mean Brad. The thing is I'm only 13 and I'd like to buy domains and hosting and other stuff on my own. Only for my current domain, I had to ask a milion friends of my friends, you know.. so then I have to gave the friend of my friend money and she payed for me.

And one of these days I'd like to donate some money to the MyBB project.

leif sux D:
In less you have something tied to your account they won't let you buy anything anyway Toungue.

You can get a bank account at 13 (at least in the states with a parent as a co-signer).
I had a chequing account at fourteen years old, without a parent on it ...

Surely you can get one.
(07-20-2009, 10:44 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: I had a chequing account at fourteen years old, without a parent on it ...

Really? They wouldn't let me around here. I went to like 5 bank. Although i did find one but only because a friend told me they would let me(it was in the pick n' save.
Well, I live in Canada, so the laws may be different.
This is how you do it:

Assuming you have a bank account (anyone should be able to get a simple bank account with an ACC number and a BSB so you can transfer money from it) you set this up through paypal, this will work but transactions take like a week, so then you do this:

You go to your local service station and buy a prepaid credit card (there should normally be no restrictions on this because they are just designed to be a gift card) you then sign this prepaid credit card upto your paypal account and because you have a credit card gaurenteeing the transaction you will get instant transfers from your bank account.

Before I was 18 I bought plenty of stuff this way (like to the value of several hundred dollars at a time).

If worse comes to worse and you cannot get a bank account just get a prepaid credit card (one of the ones with a fixed value, say $100 which people give as gift cards)

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