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i will test, and later i say what happen
thanks xiaozhu ^^
xiaozhu Wrote:Ok, I have attached a correct version, upload it into your ./images/

thanks xiaozhu.... really appreciated it...
i have tested it and everything is there....

once again, thanks...
thanks men, this help me alot... Smile
Almost. There is one more to go. I looked through the xml file and there is still one reference to DAJ_glass but it is for the table headers and is just for some seperator or something. It can be changed though by editing the theme style and going down to table headers part. Change DAJ_glass to DAJ_Glass.

P.S. - I see that you used the css code so that the links show up as black on the bottom. Wink

I'd post my version but it has a couple of edits in it. Some were automatic from other plugins but the welcome block was a manual insertion that I had to do.
Awesome skin Smile

Ive just installed mybb so Im still getting used to the board features. I have previously been using IPB.

Anyways, again this is a great skin but I have one problem. On a lower resolution say 800x600 (yes people still use it) some of the links near the top are overlapping the white background. Any resolution that is higher, the links are fine.

See attached image.. Thank you!

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thanks very good
Is it possible for you to create one? This is for the Quick Edit plugin by Tikitiki

Awesome theme, although the bacgrounds on the search/help images etc aren't brilliant.

Not bad gusto, not bad at all!

You should rename it to "Windows Vista" Big Grin

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