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myBB Plus

Mybb plus will be offering FREE themes and plugins for myBB users, Expect my gallery plugin, flag in online list and many more plugins to be released here over the coming weeks.

Any suggestions are welcome. I won't be making the themes for release but am currently looking for staff members; I will be mainly working on the plugins.

(will be up soon, just sorting the host!)
Not much we can say when the site doesn't exist yet ...
No comment until it's up :p
Thanks, Polarbear541
Heh, Sorry just moving host Smile be back soon. Will let you know.
And were in the early stages of development just wanted some input Smile
Well if the plugins are good then i'm sure you'll get some visitors to download them :p
Thanks, Polarbear541
Back up now Smile. Plugins are in development no I am back Smile
The text is really small for me.
How small? Looks ok on my monitor.
(07-22-2009, 07:58 PM)Aaron Wrote: How small? Looks ok on my monitor.

I'm using the library's computer, which generally makes everything small lol.
Ah i see, the font is calibri..seems ok on my computer. Is it readable?

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