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Here is my forum. The forum started this month and have gotten over 900 hits on the forums. We hope to get more people to join the website and get more views.

GPTNetwork is a Money Making Forum on the internet. Post referrals link,New GPT/PTC sites, etc. There are no spamming, and GPTNetwork will have contest for the forum. Coders,Designers,Money Makers are welcome to join.

If you have GPT/PTC site that is owned by yours, You can get a Verified seal once the website updates.

GPTNetwork is proud to use MyBB ~
God I am sick of seeing uncustomized Afresh everywhere ...
(2009-07-25, 09:04 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: God I am sick of seeing uncustomized Afresh everywhere ...
Well, i choose it because its just simple. Anyways, I'm gonna make a theme soon because i don't like default themes kinda.
Afresh is simple, and it is nice, but it will look better if you customize it.
And it looked so much better the first 10 thousand times we saw it lol. (Seriously, people must think it is the default theme for MyBB or something, and i am not kidding about the 10 thousand either Toungue)

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