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Forum Title - GFXNetwork

Forum URL -

What it is - It's a place where internet artists who use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP go to share their creations. We have features such as Signature of the Week (Currently disabled because we need more members, I mean I just opened it to the public. [There's an award if you get SOTW once, and for getting it 10 times]). We also have a forum for generally discussing your works of art, and for rating them! Also, there's a downloads section, and if your art is good enough, it could get featured on the downloads page).

Current Member count - 4. Pathetic, right? Well, not so much, because I'm just opening it to public right now Big Grin

Themes - I'm not sure if you will like my theme or not. It is basically MyIPB, only edited, almost completely. The only thing I kept were the forum icons and the templates. I'm bad at themes, so this is actually very good by my standards, but if someone can find me a good theme, please, don't hesitate.

Why are we on a free host? - Think about it! You wouldn't want to waste money on a domain and have the forum become a complete bust, would you? Once it gets more popular, I will try to get a paid domain Smile

Did I forget something? - Do you think I forgot to mention something about the forum? If I did, please be sure to tell me what I am missing Smile

Edit, don't be harsh lol. I've been gone for a while and my forum skills have gone...down Toungue
It's another graphics website with no standout features. The logo is really, really bad looking ... especially so for a website that specializes in graphics. Furthermore, your logic about being on a free host doesn't quite add up; you don't build an ugly store in a bad location and then wonder why your sales are low.

There's just nothing new here. Why did you want to open a forum? Why did you want to open a forum about graphics? What is it you're offering that nobody else is? If your answer to opening it is simply because you wanted to open a forum, I'm afraid the project was probably a failure before it began.
Umm, ya you won't last a month. First impressions say you don't even know how to use photoshop or GIMP.

I'll start working on it a lot more before i decide to "re" open it
The logo can be created using gimps script-fu feature which is good but what was said above is your a gfx forum so you should have a better logo. The theme is very good, so yeah change the logo and you got a good forum there Smile I joined and you need an introduce yourself forum

Thanks - Josh -
Slowest site I have ever been to....
[Image: prowlersig.png]
Leave? I didn't leave...I just started lurking!
Not a great logo, and not a fan of the look of the theme.
The theme is just a badly made edit of Scouties MyIPB theme. Overall the site doesn't look well to be a photoshop+Gimp site.

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