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Just Goin fishin'
wow where do i start......

the great folks From Skin City designs Has Created me one of the best Theme's I have ever had since I found MYBB. At this time I'd like to say I love mybb , mybb has one of the best interfaces I have used , wow , smf , phpbb , ipb , but none like mybb has given me.

Now , onto my forum....

We are a great group of sportsmen who support many outdoor activities from fishing, boating, camping and so on.
We also promote and support youth activities in the outdoors as well as our female sportsmen. Our forum is user friendly and chock-full of helpful folks and is geared toward helping and sharing tips, tricks and other useful information.
Our Pro Staff here at Just Goin' Fishin' is one of a kind, talented, skilled, sportsmen who truly care about the outdoors.

My Forum is dedicated to its membership. so if your into the outdoors come see us...
Very nice forum. The main background is a bit blinding but other than that, you got a good thing going for you! I like how you explain what the forum is about up top. Now I now what I would be joining if I was to join!

Keep up the good work Big Grin
The background is way too distracting, and Comic Sans looks bad ...
Yeah i also think you should make the sand wave background thing a little less obvious, I don't mind the Comic Sans so much as your forum isn't suppose to look professional but there are definatley better fonts to use.

I would also remove the visitor counter as it just shows visitors how little activity your site is getting, I understand that this is because it is a new site but it still doesn't give a very good impression.

Finally, you could probably use a little more content but i am sure you are getting to that.

Otherwise it is great and I think suits your topic very well so i am sure it will be a success.
Thanks for the input , its greatly appreciated.

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