PSD to MyBB?
Java script needed for: Smooth Welcome_Block_x animation[drop down], Smooth animation for dropdown menu, and rotating bottom information between anime of the month, user of the month and others.

@Sage: Yeah, figured as much, well one of my friends is helping me, we already got the sexy drop down menu and dropdown user CP and I am working on styling it. Smile [KHR ftw]

I guess this thread can be ignored xD I guess if I have any questions I'll ask in the respective forum.
Looks too crowded if you ask me.
good u
(2009-08-01, 10:30 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: Looks too crowded if you ask me.
No one did.

Just kidding. It's a PSD design, not the real thing.
Honestly ... you're obviously really talented, but that design is incredibly busy. Also, her legs look dismembered.
(2009-08-01, 10:39 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: Also, her legs look dismembered.
xDDD Rofl, I know!!! I'll be trying to fade that so it doesn't look bad. My users really like the design, specially the showthread.
Do you have a picture of the showthread concept?
Yes, coming right up. It's just a PSD, so I really didn't copy all the mod tools.

This was done just to show what I wanted.
Well, so much of that is nicely possible while still keeping it clean in many browsers (except IE). The chatbox may have to have some sort of modification to make it an outliar as well as modifying the forum listing you showed in the first preview. The close button on the login and user info would be annoying to do, but still probably possible. And I think if you want that information at the bottom you should keep it constant, because it would again be annoying. Generally annoying things like that will cost extra, at least professionals will. Hobbyists will generally be more flexible. Could I suggest Try not to lowball too much or you'll end up with exclusively amateurs and always check their iTrader for a large number, exclusively positive (or really close, rationally maybe) and positive feedback on the specific service you request. Wink
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Doug Adams
xD Well... As I said on t he post #11 of this thread me and a friend already started working on it and are pretty much already configuring, we made the drop down Welcome block and drop down menu.
FullMetalBabe did you get the sexy drop down menu working with the category drop down's because they use the same functions in one of the jquery script's, I use the same menu on one of my themes but cant get category dropdowns working with the menu.

I found this old from post Tomm M about how to fix jquery conflicts but haven't tried it yet, just incase you might need it.
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