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MovieMania-PT - A Portuguese Forum About Movies
# Illegal activity (warez, pornography, hacking, etc.)
# Racism or hate related content
# Any other inappropriate content

*My forum don't have this contents

[Image: 1688qox.jpg]

My forum was created on 05-06-2008 at least is what my profile says, I do not remember I already spent almost a year, but it is clear that more will come, my forum was born from my old forum which I had become established in the but thought;
- Oh this is gonna take a lot of work, and I go to prison for downloads, then decided to create a forum without the download there's MovieMania but with everything you said / invented against me continued the project forward and is now even better today have had at least 5 more new members.

# Forum Link: <snip>
# Extra Comments: It's a nice and sweet forum about movies, but we have other sections SpamZone, ForumGames, Art and others we have a nice shoutbox, a game section, my mood, myps and a five simple themes, i'm tryng a experience Big Grin

Try to see it.

[Image: scifimoviemania.gif]

Our members have made a total of 2,401 posts in 502 threads.
We currently have 160 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, pokehacker
The most users online at one time was 592 on 05-03-2009 at 10:20 PM

*For MattR - As I have explained that some five hundred times but still think the same, because you esplicativa better MYBB OF U.S. DO NOT REMOVE COPYRIGHTS, is the backup I had is that when I do it removes certain information, I tried asking for help but as the topics that I post are constantly closed for you, I do not have much to do.

See now I have the copyrights complete with lyrics and color precebivel in all the themes, and the backups too.
I hope you understand this time.

Have a nice day, legendz

[Image: woot_jump.gif]
Just because you now have the copyright doesn't mean it's accepted now. How many times did you remove the copyright really?? And if I remember right, you were denied support several times because of this. Also, Matt closed your last showcase thread. You're not having any luck this time either.

PS: "then decided to create a forum without the download" - really?? I remember you had a download section with movies available for download (even though they weren't hosted on your server).
That was after your supposed attack to my forum.
You mean before, after is 'depois'. Then what? Oh I get it, that "philosophy kind of thing" allows you to remove copyright, then put it when you need support. And if someone says 'blabla you removed the copyright, etc' you just answer that was before.

That is actually a REALLY nice philosophy of yours.
Pá isto de traduzir para inglês dá trabalho, esta passa, sabes o backup que eu tinha antes de tu me hakeares? esse era o que eu não tinha os copyrights esse que quando eu pedi supporte me recusaram para sempre, desde que o restableci eu nem reparei no raio dos copyrights mas eles estavam lá, não é completos.
I wonder what the hell you are saying. Toungue (nah really, I'm portuguese)
It doesn't matter what you've done now, yesterday or a week ago. But when you removed the copyright and when you needed support you just added some crappy kind of copyright, that's what judging you now. I'm not arguing with you anymore, it's useless. You just don't get it.

PS: there are language packs available, no need to translate it on your own.
faviouz when i intall it on my forum it's kepping showing blank pages and ??>> this symbols, and i can't fix that.
Sorry, having the copyright there now doesn't account for all the times it was removed. You also have links to sites to watch movies online and links to movie download sites in the footer of your forum.
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